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Posted 24/9/2022

 Appointment with Lord Azzur's Palace

Posted 11/9/2022

Since February of this year, I needed more insight to Azzur's palace so I could incorporate it into Reign of Ashes. Since then, I have had to draw out five maps by hand, then add rooms, and furniture. Now that my characters could inhabit these rooms for the story, I decided to keep going on into the months following: I did up more rooms, features, and a large area for Azzur's battle scene with Herrick. Throughout the course of the summer, I made the dungeons, added more to the grounds, and added final touches. I tried to keep an inventory list of every item and materials used to build the palace from scratch, including his custom carriage, and menus, staffing, and animals/creatures. I also did all of Azzur's clothing, armoury, and fighting skills. Since most fans already know his history, I didnt have to incorporate that, but just focus on the construction and decoration. Special thanks to those who helped furnish the rooms and halls or suggest things that be included. Right now, my royal tour guide Pivot Gretchen, is practicing his dialogues and venturing through each section, which will be published in blog form bit by bit as i find time to finish it. Now, September, most of everything is done,  like the gargoyles and final upgrades like the wine cellars and outdoor ovens. This was done solely for my short story, which then seemed to go a bit too far into intricate details of the palace. Thanks to Steve Luxton, without his beautiful exterior maps, I probably never would have accomplished this majestic project and if i wasn't such an eccentric on castles and mansions architecture and interior designs, this project too may have been taken longer.