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Join me in Death

Part 1

In Allansia, a child was born with a curse and the crown of a champion. He would later grow up to become the most indestructible and hardest to defeat villains in Titan history. His name is Razaak.

A hero from Chalice named Herrick braves the territory in search of items that will help him slay the evil necromancer. He befriends Borri and Symm and they do the adventure in a group effort. Herrick defeats Razaak, the almighty sorcerer once believing him to be gone forever.

Chaos Lords from the Astral Planes are plotting to create gateways to bring their gods through to spill havoc upon mankind, and they are resurrecting the long dead Razaak.

Plagues disseminate Port Blacksand leaving it without a dictator, new enemies arise called Death Knights unlike which Titan has seen before, and Herrick must take up a new powerful sword and new armour to defeat this evil once again.

The Wizards of Yore are broken in union, leaving only one wizard to aid in this terrible nearly impossible mission.

Wizards from the Old World and Khul step in to offer help to a ruined continent, but time is running out, and if they all fail in saving Allansia, the evil will spread to other regions of Titan and exterminate everything.

Skies in the Darkness
Part 2

Our hero, after destroying the undead necromancer now faces the perils of one Xorton Throg and a long lost threat of Port Blacksand. Herrick must utilize the dangers of the ZED spell and understand its physics.

He goes back centuries past to find lady Midori, a legend of Hachiman who killed a demon and took part in a military as a man. Then find another myth in the elvin evil forests far north nearby Krakos who bears Titan's most powerful bow. With their combined might they may still be able to annihilate the second Necrosis Knight.

As Borri as his accomplice, they discover a time lord is using the Portal of Evil to transport mutants to Allansia to invade Port Blacksand.

With the elves still trying to remove Yaztromo from his encasement inside an orb, Nicodemas reconnects with old ancient friends of Dzarnia in the Forests of Doom.

With impossible missions arising again, Chadda Darkmane and Braxus team up to uncover what's secretly happening in Blacksand regarding one long deceased Azzur.

With a mega war on the horizon, the heroes must find all their answers and using time travel and good old iron and steel and magic, cast out the villains before all of Allansia is overtaken by the Demonic Three.

Reign of Ashes
Part 3
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About the Story
The deadliest battle for the ownership of Port Blacksand is yet to come from an invasion from the world of Khul. The Dead City King's daughter as admiral of a massive fleet has the callous intent of the entire decimation of Titan's safety, and with their alliance towards Zanbar Bone, their hopes of reincarnating Lord Azzur creates further hardships for Herrick and his fellow companions...
Story features the palace of Varek Azzur and the City of Blacksand

Part 4

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The series continues with Chadda as the inspiring new hero up against the Great Balthus Dire, and leading teenage soldier in the gory TrollTooth Wars begins, and a warlock has overtaken Firetop.

Braxus faces his worst nightmare yet and fights through to victory and horrors armed only with his new thunderous Elvin bow.

The search for Herrick continues......