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Nöürs tü mè pègE.


Posted on Eclectic Gamebooks on 20 09, 2022


I started writing Grekgun back in the 1990s and have since then added to the collection of this series with further titles such as Blacksky, Demon Wall, Thiathrow & Elv Knight. Grekgun which was published on in 2016 before being redone for 2019 on, and again, as an informative book prepared for 2022/2023.

I have done some novellas that were mere standalone books and PDFs: The Faith Diamond, The Black Marigold, Shroud of Time series and others with Turkish themes.

The Faith Diamond was just something to write as a challenge, and The Shroud of Time was created for my family to read for fun.

Lately, I've been working on other things relating to Fantasy and RPGs, and experimenting with different gaming systems to improve my interactive games such as the Tarot Battle.

The Projects here are done as a hobby and not intended for anything special but for my amusement and to pass the time.

On these pages, are all the stories I've ever done, including all of my mini gamebooks that are also featured on a few fan FF websites. There are some supernatural pages too, and of course The Smiting Blogs which are just humor-based claptrap. Join me in Death is my fan fiction series I started last year, and quite possibly my final project on anything Fighting Fantasy.

Being a fan of Ray T. Malbrough, Aleister Crowley, Scott Cunningham of which books I grew up with, I've always wanted to make my own occult themed book with references in accordance to my beliefs, so I've started a bit on it slowly with some core fiction and non-fiction included into it.

All updates on Grekgun will be added in my News...I'll add more to the site as I find time, project by project, throughout the year.




<Blacksky, Book II, follows the same concept as Grekgun in the continuation of the story-line

Demon Wall is Book III, and my final gamebook

Elv Knight, Book IV, I will make into a novella instead

Thiathrow, Book V, will be part novella with it's mini gamebook attached within


Elohem, Elvish Dictionary to be added to Grekgun the book in 2023!




s⊙vè vè s⊙vièt!


Pèĝènt fẏr dE èşᏇüşŋ mè bl⊙g kitèbi,

lètts pèp dẏisEs, ⊙tiᏇs, üiᏇᏇE, ї âvʊ̇tt lẏtt.



Gregkish Elvin Dictionary, the language used in these stories i invented for the characters, are available for translations below:



Roman Alphabet & Dictionary

Modern Elvin Language



Roman Alphabet & Dictionary

Ancient  Elvish Language


Demon Tongue

Roman Alphabet & Dictionary

Dark Elvin & Vampyre Language



Roman Alphabet & Dictionary

Dwarvish & Gnome Language



"ɛt mɪlls ii ws ṫœѯɛn’d lɪ ṫœѯɛn nœ ʊ̇s mɪsṫɪѯʊ̇ɛ ṫʊ̇ hʊ̇mɛnѯɪn أii ʊ̇t’d zhɛrœ ѯʊ̇Шnɛ ą թ bāʊ̇n ʊ̇s fārɪ غrâdɛ ɛt mɪlls ii ws ṫœѯɛn’d lɪ ṫœѯɛn nœ ʊ̇s mɪsṫɪѯʊ̇ɛ ṫʊ̇ hʊ̇mɛnѯɪn أii ʊ̇t’d zhɛrœ ѯʊ̇Шnɛ ą թ bāʊ̇n ʊ̇s fārɪ غrâdɛ."

Learn how to write in Grekgun's Elvin languages, translate dialogues featured in stories, and knowledge-base on the languages origins.

Fan Fiction Section & Other Stuff


Stories Fan Fiction in various genres 2007-2022

The Smiting Blogs Entries of Randomness

Gamebooks Mini Adventures Archives 2007-2021

Appointment With Lord Azzur's Palace Encyclopedia/Walkthru

Lindenbaum Contest for Short Interactive Fiction Stuart Lloyd


My Fighting Fantasy Fan Fiction collection 2021-2023:

Join me in Death Herrick, Chalice's hero, must defeat Razaak again and stop the Chaos Lords

Skies in the Darkness With the use of the illegal ZED spell (time travel), Herrick returns with Borri to put an end to long lived threats to Port Blacksand

Reign of Ashes Port Blacksand, the infamous City of Thieves, is under threat from an ocean invasion from Khul

Darkmane Chadda Darkmane and his friend Braxus are the remaining teenage heroes to fight against a warlock building forces in a mountain,  and a sorcerer General planning an invasion of Salamonis

Grekgun: Tarot Battle

Play the gamebook without dice but with custom-made cards and full solitaire system of battles.


Grekgun: the Book!

Full informative book on the world of Grekgun, with original gamebook attached. Formally, an e-Book on


Blacksky: the Book

Full informative book on the world of Blacksky, with original gamebook attached. Formally, an e-Book on


Demon Wall: the Book

Full informative book on the world of Blacksky, with original gamebook attached.



Demon Wall: the Book

Full informative book on the world of Demon Wall, with original gamebook attached. Formally, an e-Book on










Elv Knight: A novella

Goes compatible with Demon Wall

About a child ranger who vanquished all vampires out of Demon Wall


Thiathrow: a novella w/ attached its mini adventure

About the continent across seas in ancient times, a distraught widowed adventurer who went on a violent rampage of gory revenge against the Thu'lite Armies


Author of Appointment with Lord Azzur's Palace [2022-2023] FanFiction